Land Escapes

Submit a Design Request

  • We will need to arrange an on-site consultation when it is convenient for you. 
  • This consultation will take about an hour at which time we will gather the information we will need for creating a “first draft” plan & proposal.
  • We ask for a design fee which will cover all of the basics of providing you with a detailed landscape plan.
  • We will send an invoice by e-mail from which you can pay on-line or pay by check at our first consultation meeting.
  • It is preferable for a joint meeting with Husband & Wife. (or all the parties desiring to give input) Please consider this when scheduling our meeting.
  • After reviewing the information you submit we will set an appointment to access your site and get the detailed information we will need to prepare a draft plan and proposal.

A Word about your budget….

A landscape plan is either IDEA driven or BUDGET driven. If you are among the few people have unlimited resources, the many who have a wide range or you have a pretty fixed amount to spend we will work with you to develop a design that will fit you in every way. After a brief discussion of the ideas and the vision you have for your project we will give you a price range for your project. If that works for you, it will set the budget for the project and we will design around those ideas. If not, we will ask you what you are able to spend for your landscaping and that  budget will drive the design process.

Lets get started…….



    If you have our DVD Portfolio you may qualify for a nice little discount on your project.