Land Escapes

Our History

After returning home from duty in the South Pacific aboard a Navy destroyer, our grand-father married and started a family. He worked for a short time in a government printing office running an off-set press. That was his job, but his passion was the black dirt in the garden, flowers, trees and rocks.

“Grandpa Jim” started installing lawns and rock gardens on his days off, and before long he quit the printing press, and a landscaping legacy was born. Like anyone who is doing what they love, Grandpa Jim’s love and enthusiasm was contagious. Four of his five sons went on to develop successful landscape businesses of their own.

Today Land-Escapes Inc. is a part of that legacy. With our design studio, greenhouse, and landscape showroom at our East Helena location, this branch of “The Legacy” with its associated business enterprises continues the commitment to excellence in the context of the entrepreneurial family.